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QUCo is a community of entrepreneurs and leaders from all backgrounds who want to be both stretched out of their comfort zones and held accountable for their actions.

Perspective - QU was formed to break down barriers and embrace difference. We believe that a willingness to see different perspectives is a super-power. Embracing diversity will enable you to develop better solutions to the problems you face, so you and your organisation to will grow faster and be more profitable.

Empathy - We know what it is like to lay awake at night fretting about cash flow, staff, and operations. We also know how to bounce back from adversity.

Challenge - If you want to push harder, think differently and build your skills, QUCo is here for you.


Personal Branding

Almost all elite sportspeople employ professional coaches.

The QU Personal Branding Programme is the culmination more than twenty years of designing and delivering Marketing and Leadership training.  We have also harnessed the best elements of mini-MBAs, Masters’ degrees, and accelerator programmes.

Participants in the QU personal branding coaching programme can expect to gain the following benefits:

  1. Clarity on your personal brand values and strengths
  2. A compelling brand story that reflects your values and resonates with your target audiences.
  3. Improved networking and collaboration skills
  4. The ability to maintain and evolve your personal brand over time.
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Management Programmes

Most managers are never trained to be managers! Investing in your future management talent will pay huge dividends, not least talent retention.  

QU management programmes apply proven frameworks to your current business  projects.


Strategy Workshops

Knowing how you will win in your competitive market is the essence of strategy.

Designed for medium-sized businesses or charities, QU strategy workshops will guide you step-by-step to create a clear plan  document to share with your team.




'Toolkit' Skills Training

Investing in your team's skills enhances productivity and profits.

The QU 'Skills Toolkit' includes planning, communication, and proposition training.


Mastermind Groups

Leadership is lonely. You make difficult decisions, often without the knowledge or expertise you would want. And the buck stops with you. 

QU Mastermind Groups use the power of collective intelligence to help solve individual members' key business challenges.

Joining a QU Mastermind group will give you greater:

  • Clarity - about your goals and means to achieve them
  • Credibility - how to build your personal brand
  • Confidence - to overcome any sense of Imposter Syndrome. 

To find out more, first download a brochure, then book on to a taster session.


Quentin Crowe

Quentin Crowe FCIM, MA has over 25-years’ senior marketing experience. He began his career at Lloyd’s of London insurance market, rising to become one of the first marketing directors in the sector.  

Quentin is a coach, mentor, facilitator and QU's lead trainer

Marla Ubhi

Marla is a serial entrepreneur with over 30 years’ experience in buying, starting, and exiting businesses with proven revenue growth and net return on equity.

Marla is a serial entrepreneur, investor and key-note speaker



QU Company Founders

Marla and Quentin, the founders of QUCo realised they had a common interest in helping business leaders explore their true potential. They combined their skills to create the QU.

At its heart, QU is about harnessing the power of diversity. In a time of increasing insularity and entrenched viewpoints, QU challenges business leaders to embrace different perspectives. When deployed correctly diversity enables us to generate new ideas and better solutions. And better solutions will lead to improved profitability. 

QU is inclusive but is not for everyone. QU provides a home for people who for whatever reason do not identify with the traditional business establishment. To be part of QU you must have a growth mindset. You must be inquisitive.  You must want to be challenged. You must want to look at the world differently so you can develop personally and professionally.

Intrigued? We hope so. If this sounds like you, contact Marla or Quentin directly.

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