You might have hit a plateau and or be looking to exit. This intensive three-month programme will provide you the guidance and support to ensure you build:

  • Lack of clear growth business plan.
  • Low profile
  • Low self-esteem / Imposter Syndrome



Owners of established businesses between £0.5m and £2.5m turnover wanting to scale up an/or sell.


At the end of the Scale Up programme you will:

1. Have written a credible business plan suitable for investors
2. Have a personal branding strategy to help you dramatically increase the value of your business
3. Have the confidence to present your signature talk

PEER Process

The QU team of trainers and coaches have specialist skills in strategy, marketing, culture, and finance.

We have developed a 4-step ‘PEER’ process to guide you throughout your journey to maximising your company’s value.


QU Courses are very practical. You will work towards clearly defined outcomes, such as creating your exit strategy. You won’t be learning just for the sake of learning; you will be doing.

Programme Components

There are 6 core components to the Scale Up programme:


how to make the right choices to ensure sustainable competitive advantage for your business. How to better understand your competitive landscape.

icons8-money-64 Finance

how to understand financial reporting. How to create professional forecasting models, budgets and investor decks that will attract funding.

icons8-team-64 Culture

how to build a world-class team without a world-class budget. How to manage your team more effectively by measuring the right KPIs.

icons8-customer-insight-50 Customer Experience (Cx)

how to improve customer loyalty and referral. How to use customer insight to create compelling value propositions that will inform all your marketing communications.

icons8-marketing-64 Marketing

how to build your brand and maximise marketing ROI. How to ensure you don’t waste money on the wrong marketing.

icons8-leadership-64 SME Leadership

how to be a better leader whilst building your personal brand.

What's Included:

Full Day Workshops

The programme consists of three, two-day sessions. Each day is focused on a core topic, offering insights and debate from entrepreneurship experts.

1:1 Support

Taking on the personal branding challenge takes courage. You will be exploring new ideas and concepts in a voyage of discovery. It is almost inevitable that you will be overwhelmed by the array of new ideas and opportunities presented to you.

You will not be left in isolation. You will receive regular support through 1:1 coaching and feedback to guide you and support you through your journey.


At each session you will receive a topic-specific workbook. These workbooks provide you clarity and structure and a consistent place to keep notes and ideas. The workbooks also contain useful resources and provide a convenient aide-memoire during and after the programme.

You will also have access to your own portal which includes additional tools and resources.

Accountability Groups

We also encourage you to form ‘Accountability Groups’ with other candidates on the programme. During this process you will regularly ‘check-in’ with your peers to provide mutual support, advice, and inspiration.

Annual Mastermind Group Membership

During your six months on the programme, many candidates find they have formed some very strong bonds with other members of the group. To maintain that dynamic, you will have the opportunity to join an alumni ‘mastermind’ group. Every two months you will meet for a morning to use the group’s combined expertise to help resolve each other’s’ business challenges.


Standard: £7,500 or £750 per month

Premium: includes 6-month 1:1 coaching and support programme £12,250 or £1225 per month

Delivery Team

The delivery team includes:


Quentin Crowe


Quentin as more than 30 years’ B2B and B2C marketing experience. He began his career in the Lloyd’s of London insurance market, progressing to Marketing Director of a £250m. managing agency. He has since worked with brands around the world in the construction, education, and IT sectors.

Quentin has also designed and delivered leadership training programmes around the world.

Marla Ubhi


Marla is a serial entrepreneur with over 30 years’ experience in buying, starting, and exiting businesses with proven revenue growth and net return on equity. She has a reputation for creating executive teams that present effective leadership, a culture of empowerment and a shared vision generating both value and revenue growth.


Baba Awopetu


Baba is a growth-focused and thought-provoking strategist. He has spent the last two decades in Senior Strategy and Marketing roles spanning Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Baba regularly gives lectures, writes, and researches on ways to improve the effectiveness of marketing, covering topics such as segmentation, positioning, diffusion of innovation, and branding.

Charlie Walters


During the past 16 years’ Charlie has worked as a trainer/coach/facilitator, delivering programmes on 4 continents, from trainee level, right through to senior board-level coaching interventions. Working for several training companies, his client types have varied from Financial Institutions, Investment Management Organisations, Investment Banks, Sovereign Wealth Funds, Project Managers, Technology and Telecoms organisations, Construction, Infrastructure, the Military, Government bodies, and even a Gaming Company! Charlie trains a broad array of personal effectiveness and communication subjects, with specialisms in leadership, management, recruitment, presentation, negotiation, innovation, and team building interventions


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