Benefits of Executive Coaching

Executive coaching has become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason. Coaching can help you develop new skills, overcome challenges, and achieve your goals. If you're looking to excel in your career, executive coaching could be just what you need.

Here are some of the benefits of executive coaching:

Clear the Fog

As our careers progress, it is easy to get lost in a fog of constant activity. Meetings, emails, presentations etc.

Executive coaching can help you step back and gain perspective on your career, your goals, and your challenges. Your coach can help you see things from a different perspective and offer insights that you may not have considered.

See a Bigger Picture

Everyone faces challenges in their career, but executive coaching can help you overcome them. Your coach can help you identify the root cause of the challenge, develop strategies to address it, and provide support as you work through it.

Self-awareness is a key component of personal and professional growth. Executive coaching can help you become more self-aware by providing feedback on your strengths and weaknesses, helping you understand your communication style and personality, and encouraging you to reflect on your experiences.

Fly Higher

If you're looking to excel in your career, executive coaching can be an incredibly valuable tool. Whether you're looking to develop new skills, overcome challenges, achieve your goals, or simply gain perspective, coaching can help you get there. Consider working with a coach to help you take your career to the next level!

Whether you're looking to advance in your current role, take on a new position, or start your own business, executive coaching can help you achieve your goals. Your coach can help you develop a plan to achieve your goals, provide guidance and support along the way, and hold you accountable for taking action.

Executive coaching can help you develop new skills that will be valuable in your current role and throughout your career. Your coach can help you identify areas where you need to improve and work with you to develop a plan to strengthen those skills.

Good relationships are essential for success in any career. Executive coaching can help you improve your relationships with colleagues, clients, and stakeholders by helping you develop better communication skills, understand different communication styles, and navigate difficult conversations.

The confidence myth:

Some people believe they need to be confident before they embark on a major challenge.

In fact, confidence is a biproduct (rather than a driver) of action.

Confidence comes at the end of your journey.  First, you must have conviction. You must believe that what you want to achieve is meaningful. Second, you need courage both the get started and to keep going when the going gets tough.

As you learn from your mistakes, you will develop competence which eventually give you confidence.

QU Executive coaching starts by establishing your true cause. Once you are convinced that what you want to achieve is genuinely important to you, you will be challenged and held accountable to be courageous and act. As you progress, QU will ask you to reflect on your experiences so that you will continue to strive towards excellence.

QU Methodology

Having coached senior executives and entrepreneurs over the last 15 years, we have developed a proven coaching methodology which we call the ‘Power of PEER’.

Purpose Where are you going? What exactly are you trying to achieve?
Explore What activities should you focus on (and what to stop doing)
Empowered Commit to those chosen activities to the best of your ability
Review Reflect on your actions, your behaviours, and your results.

The PEER methodology has helped senior executives, consultants and SME owners better understand themselves and achieve extraordinary results.


"I’ve worked with Quentin over several years as a coach during which we have discussed a phenomenal range of topics and challenges and every time he seems to find the perfect way through the seemingly impenetrable maze. His approach is totally unformulaic, flexing naturally to the situation, but always with consistently positive outcomes. He manages to balance feeling completely on your side, but will never, ever let you off the hook. My sense is that it comes from his combination of his fantastic curiosity (for all things, but particularly for understanding individuals) and intellect, ability to think on his feet and complete passion for seeing people reach their full potential, which he can never hide.

Martin Saunders


“Q has an uncanny knack of asking the very question you both don’t want to be asked, & you really find you have to dig deep to answer – truly the sign of a great coach”

Giles Watkins

“Working with Q was empowering and enlightening. Q expertly helped me navigate career choices and armed me for future challenges”

Amy Forrest


Options and Pricing

There are three options to choose from: Essentials, Silver and Gold





1:1 Coaching Sessions


Online Resource
Access to Coach Accountable Platform
Mastermind Group Membership
Quarterly Planning Session
3-month Programme Fee £2,250 £3,300 £5,700
Per month after initial 3-month Programme £750 £1,100 £1,900

* All prices exclude VAT

All QU coaching programmes include the following:
  • 90-minute online coaching sessions with your coach
  • Access to a dedicated Coach Accountable portal, where you will find details of your programme structure, past and future coaching sessions, session notes, useful templates, and other online resource.
  • Detailed notes and agreed actions after every session.
  • Automated reminders of agreed action points.
  • Optional membership of the QUCommunity Mastermind groups.
Silver Package

In addition to all the elements in the Standard package, with the Silver package you also get:

  • Membership to your chosen Mastermind Group
  • Quarterly Planning Session
Gold Package

The Gold package is for individuals who have prefer an accelerated approach.


How long do the coaching sessions last?

Each coaching session lasts between 75 and 90 minutes.

Your coach will capture the key discussion points and agreed action points which will be shared with you within 48 hours of the coaching session.

What is the frequency of coaching sessions?

We have found the ideal coaching session cadence to be every two weeks. This provides enough time to reflect on the discussion points from the previous session and work on the agreed action points. If momentum is lost, the wait until the next sessions is relatively short.

What should I expect during the initial ‘breakthrough’ session?

We will discuss what coaching will and will not do and how if differs from mentoring and most importantly counselling. We will discuss and agree the expectation of both coach and coachee.

We will then get started clarifying your initial goals, before exploring potential options.

Are the sessions online or in person?

Most coaching sessions are online using Zoom. We discovered during ‘Lockdown’ that online coaching free of distraction and interruption allows for a particularly effective coaching experience.

For variety, it is feasible to meet in person, but the coaching experience is usually less intense.

How do the payment options work?

You can either pay for your chosen programme in entirety or to pay monthly as you go along. (Most clients, pay for an initial three-month programme and then pay monthly thereafter).

Payment is available by BACS, Debit and Credit Cards using Stripe.

You will receive invoices and payment instructions from our chosen platform – CoachAccountable. You can keep track of your own financial records with QU through your own dedicated CoachAccountable portal.

How does the accountability work?

At the end of every coaching session, we agree on the actions you are willing to commit to. You will define a target date for the action to be completed.

The CoachAccountable platform will send you reminders leading up to the target date. You will record when you have accomplished your task, which in turn will be shared with your coach.

How does Executive Coaching differ from Life Coaching?

Life coaching and executive coaching are two distinct forms of coaching that differ in their focus, goals, and techniques.

Executive coaching is focused on helping individuals improve their professional performance and leadership skills. Executive coaches work with clients to identify areas for improvement, set goals, and develop strategies for achieving those goals. The coaching may address issues such as communication, time management, decision-making, delegation, and team building. Executive coaching is typically used by managers, executives, and other high-level professionals who are seeking to enhance their leadership abilities and advance their careers.

 On the other hand, life coaching is focused on helping individuals identify and achieve their personal goals and aspirations. It can cover a broad range of topics, including career, relationships, health, finances, personal growth, and fulfillment. Life coaches work with clients to help them clarify their values, beliefs, and priorities, and develop a plan of action to achieve their desired outcomes. Life coaching is typically used by individuals who are seeking to make positive changes in their personal lives, such as overcoming obstacles, managing stress, and improving their overall well-being.

 In terms of techniques, life coaching and executive coaching may involve similar approaches, such as goal setting, action planning, and accountability. However, executive coaching may also involve more specific tools and assessments, such as 360-degree feedback, personality assessments, and performance metrics.

What online resources are included?

Depending on the package you select, you can use your Coach Accountable portal gain access a range of worksheets, templates, and articles to support you on your coaching journey. These include time management, CV development, Marketing Strategy and even Presentation tools.

How do the QU Mastermind Groups work?

You can choose from our various QUCommunity Mastermind Groups

  • Consultants
  • Marketing Leaders
  • SME Owners

We typically meet once a quarter at a private venue on London. The sessions start at 09:00 finishing at 13:00. We usually continue our discussions over lunch. We typically start with a ‘check-in’, followed by a guest speaker and an ‘issue process’.

For full details go to this link.

Do I really need a coach?

All elite sportspeople employ coaches. Even amateur tennis players, golfers, and swimmers hire coaches. Yet many entrepreneurs and consultants think that hiring a coach is a sign of weakness.

Hiring a coach will help you:

  • Gain the edge over your competition.
  • Increase the probability of achieving your goals.
  • Reduce your stress levels

If you are serious about being the best you can be, you need someone to challenge you. It is rare to have a team member who has the confidence to give you an impartial opinion. Afterall your employees want to keep their jobs! How useful would it be to have someone without agenda pushing you to explore your hidden potential?

Being a leader, consultant or entrepreneur is a lonely experience - we know! The buck stops with you. You make difficult decisions, often without all the information you need. How valuable would it be to be challenged to consider new options?

As a leader, you are often caught up in a whirlwind of activity. You don’t have time to review and reflect. How useful would it be to have someone helping you avoid those traps?

What if I want to cancel?

You can cancel at any point of the programme, giving one month’s notice.

If you have paid the full programme in advance, a pro-rata return will be offered.

Other options:

Sometimes for team members to buy into a new concept, you need a third party to deliver the message. QU specialised in running team workshops on topics such as Customer Experience (Cx), strategy, innovation, communication, and stakeholder management.


There are three simple steps to start your coaching journey:
Step 1- TASTER. If are intrigued about entrepreneur coaching and what it could do for you, the starting point of your journey is an exploratory 45-minute no obligation ‘taster’ session.
Step 2- PROPOSAL. If you like the taster session, we will discuss your preferred options and send you a proposal.
Step 3 – ONBOARDING. Assuming you are happy to progress, during the first session, we will clarify the ground-rules (confidentiality and scope).


with Quentin Crowe

Book an online no-obligation chat with Quentin to:

  • Discuss your current goals and challenges
  • Explore options
  • And get practical tips and advice