Leadership and entrepreneurship are doubly difficult if you haven’t had the benefits of role models or the right education.

We know what is like to lay awake at night fretting about cashflow, staff, and operations. We also know how to bounce back from adversity.


All entrepreneurs regardless of colour, creed, sex, or background deserve an equal chance to succeed.

Our mission is to help all entrepreneurs suffering from self-doubt to explore and unleash hidden potential, and build highly valuable businesses.



QU Co provides:

  • Community – a ‘mastermind’ support network of empathetic fellow entrepreneurs who can share advice and experience
  • Coaching – group and 1:1 support to provide accountability, different perspectives, and new solutions
  • Courses – practical training programmes to help start, scale, and exit.


QU will provide you the clarity, credibility, and confidence to ‘10x’ your business.

Even if you are a shy introvert, as an entrepreneur you have a duty to your business to build your brand.

To maximise your business’ value, you as a leader must become a recognised high-profile expert. QU provides the tools and processes to do both: build your brand and grow your business.

Proven Methodology

The QU Co ‘PEER’ methodology is a four-phase approach to successful growth:

Purpose, Expertise, Execution, Results.


Any business needs clarity of purpose. How are you defining success? Do you want a ‘lifestyle’ business or one that has the potential for scale? What are the headwinds and tailwinds that could hinder or accelerate your growth? QU will help you write a strategic business plan that really works in practice.

What is your area of expertise? What customers will you serve in which markets? How will you differentiate yourself in a crowded marketplace? QU will give you the tools to ensure you create a compelling value proposition and maximise your marketing return on investment.

How will you execute on your promise? To deliver exceptional customer experience, you need great suppliers, great team, and great systems. QU will give the insights and tools to build an amazing culture.

How will you measure your results? What KPIs should you measure? How do you ensure you manage your cashflow? How do you raise finance? How do you sell? QU will demystify the critical aspects of finance.

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